Frequently asked questions about our machines and services

What service does MHP offer?

We work with you to develop the best solution for your individual automation needs and accompany you from initial material testing through the preparation and installation of your MHP machines. We of course support you with any technical questions.

We consult you on the right machine for your production needs. We always test your materials on our machines for optimal processing and provide you feedback to discuss the next steps. You are also welcome to ask for a frame sample produced on our MHP VPLUG to convince yourself of our superior quality and extra-tight corner joints.

Please reach out to us with your questions about automated canvas stretching!

How reliable are MHP machines? What quality can I expect?

MHP Technology builds robust and reliable machines! Our oldest machines have been running strong for over 15 years. Numerous MHP customers even run their machines in 23/7 industrial productions.

MHP manufactures all machines in Berlin, Germany under high quality standards. For example, all nuts and bolts are torqued and marked. All manufacturing steps are cross-checked and logged in a protocol for final approval by the project engineer.

All new innovations are endurance tested in MHP’s artistry manufacturing division MH&P – Das Keilrahmen Werk®, before entering the market. In fact, MH&P – Das Keilrahmen Werk® produces with these machines every day in the factory. Our production personnel work closely with our engineers to constantly improve the technology and refine features. New machines always reflect the most updated technology available.

Talk to us with your questions. We take reliability very seriously. Our focus is your success with automation!


What is the difference between stretching and frame machines?

Frame machines assemble 4 stretcher bars together to form a frame. These include:

  • MHP PLUG (for tongue-and-groove stretcher bars, often found in artist canvas)
  • MHP VPLUG (for 45° cut stretcher bar with v-nailed corner joints, commonly found in printed canvas products)

Stretching machines provide a drum-tight stretch of the canvas over the frame and staple the canvas on the backside. Different materials such as cotton, linen, poly can be stretched, both white artist canvas and printed canvas. Our stretching machines are:

Can MHP machines be used in digital printing canvas production?

Our machines are ideal for printed media. Precise centering of the frame on the canvas is no problem in our technology. MHP’s famous drum-tight stretch makes beautiful, superior quality stretched canvas!

What means multiframe?

Processing multiple frames in one production cycle. Multiframe boosts your production output drastically. Multiframe technology and efficient nesting of formats can easily enable yields of over 200 frames per hour on MHP SpeedF machines.

The following MHP machines offer this work simplification:

Does MHP Technology offer remote service and virtual diagnostics?

Our MHP StMaster and MHP SpeedF stretching machines provide you an extra level of safe and cost-effective service via cable!

The Remote Service and Virtual Diagnostics Package is an extra option for full virtual support via Virtual Private Network – VPN.

If you ever need us, MHP is literally with you! The MHP Support Team can log on to your machine and perform a virtual diagnostic in the back-end to provide you enhanced technical support, such as pinpointing a defective sensor, manually triggering functions for remote troubleshooting, reading out the error history for any possible operator mistakes, and more. Remote service and technical support can be so easy, just plug in the secure Ethernet cable.

Talk to us to learn more about our Remote Service and Virtual Diagnostics Package so that you are on top of your machines all-year round.

Where can MHP machines be delivered to?

MHP delivers machines worldwide and has customers with installations on over 4 continents! Our in-house shipping team organizes safe and fast transport to your desired location. MHP has shipped machines to destinations all around the globe by truck, ship, rail, and air.

Just contact us.

How does the delivery take place?

We put together an individual transport concept with you for your machine and installation. Our Transport Team is experienced with deliveries of small and large machines. Some of our machines are Plug-and-Play and require no installation, such as the MHP STMaster and MHP StretchBasic.

Is it possible to see MHP machines anywhere?

We present a selection of our technology at international trade shows. Take a look at our News Page for current events and updates. We are also happy to add you to our mailing list, please contact us.

We also offer Virtual Demos and are happy to arrange an appointment with you to demonstrate machines at our premises in Berlin.

Just contact us.


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