MHP Ultra – fully automatic

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Fully automatic, ultra-fast canvas stretching from single runs to mass productions. New record: Up to 350 frames* per hour! The MHP ULTRA automatically stretches, staples and folds canvases.

Simple operation: select format on the display, insert canvas and frame, press start, done! Automatic, variable format changes take place in seconds.

The height adjustment of the MHP Ultra is also fully automatic – whether strip profiles of 1.5 cm, 2 cm or 4.5 cm.

The canvas stretching machine MHP Ultra has high-tech staple guns with XXL magazines for long production runs. You can adjust the fabric tension as required – from light to drum-hard.

This stretching machine processes frames made of wood and MDF. Developed for cost-effective and reliable production – fully automatic, fast and high-quality production from single runs to mass production.

With an optional loading module for autonomous production with no operator. Also modularly expandable with e.g. conveyor belt.

MHP’s newest high-tech invention!

* The MHP Ultra machine version 24×24” (60cm) achieves a production speed of 350 frames per hour with manual operation. A 40×40” (100cm) version produces 250 frames per hour with manual operation. Modularly extended with a loading module, the large version can also produce 350 frames per hour.

MHP Ultra full automation canvas stretching
Icon MHP StretchBasic stretching machine staple pattern and corner fold | Icon MHP MHP StretchBasic Klammermuster und Falzungen


Artist fold staple pattern

Icon speed frame production | Icon Geschwindigkeit Rahmenproduktion


New Record: Up to 350 frames per hour

Icon frame sizes | Icon Rahmenformate

Frame sizes

Automatic size changeovers in seconds
from 8 x 8” (20 cm) to 40 x 40” (100 cm)

fast production automated canvas stretching | schnelles, automatisches Spannen von Leinwänden


  • Record: Up to 350 frames per hour
  • Simultaneous production of several frames
  • Fully automatic 4-corner folding and 4-sided covering at the touch of a button
  • Frame sizes from 8 x 8” (20 cm) to 40 x 40” (100 cm)
  • Fully automatic, stepless format change in seconds
  • Fully automatic height adjustment e.g. 1.5 cm / 2.0 cm / 4.5 cm
  • various bar widths possible
  • Staple pattern and staple spacing freely configurable
  • Fabric tension infinitely adjustable, light to drum-tight
  • Production of frames with support braces and cross
  • Simple operation with few buttons and clear display
  • Ergonomic operator height
  • High-tech staplers, magazine with 4 x 8,000 staples for long production runs
  • Significant material savings thanks to minimal fabric overhang
  • Perfect quality for digital printing and art supplies
  • Modularly expandable (conveyor belt, loading module)
  • 23/7 production
  • with MHP Service