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The MHP PLUG automatically assembles 4 tongue-and-groove stretcher bars into one frame in lightning speed. Record processing time and continuously variable format changeovers in under a minute.

This frame assembly machine produces frames with clean corners and precies right angles for perfect artist quality!

The MHP PLUG can be connected with one or multiple canvas stretching machines such as the MHP SpeedF or MHP STMaster to form a production line.

Icon MHP PLUG, tongue-and-groove stretcher bars | Icon MHP PLUG, Leisten mit Zapfung und Schlitz

Frame Connection


Icon frames | Icon Bilderrahmen Geschwindigkeit Frame Maschinen.


Up to 40 frames per minute!

Icon frame sizes | Icon Rahmenformate

Frame sizes

Single frame continuously adjustable
from 8 x 8” (20 cm) to 55 x 55” (140 cm)

MHP PLUG bars for stretcher frame production | MHP PLUG Leisten zur Keilrahmenherstellung


  • 40+ frames per minute
  • Frame sizes from 8 x 8” (20 cm) to 55 x 55” (140 cm)
  • Format changeovers under a minute
  • Simple operation
  • Processes different types of wood
  • Stretcher bars must have very good tolerences
  • Perfect frame quality
  • 23/7 production
  • with MHP Service
MHP PLUG finished stretcher frames on conveyor belt | MHP PLUG fertige Keilrahmen auf Förderband

Simple operation

Highly efficient with one operator.

Bars for the frame assembly machine MHP PLUG with tongue and groove | Leisten für den Rahmensteckautomat MHP PLUG mit Schlitz und Zapfung


Precisely cut stretcher bars make perfect frames.

Mass production stretcher frame | Massenproduktion Keilrahmen

High-speed production

Up to 40 frames per minute!