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The MHP VPLUG automatically assembles frames by underpinning 4 stretcher bars (45° cut) with v-nails. V-nailed stretcher frames are common among producers of printed canvas products.

The MHP VPLUG has a record processing time of up to 21 frames per minute. Format changeovers are continuously variable in under a minute.

This frame assembly machine processes wood and MDF, and produces frames with perfect right angles and clean, extra-tight corner joints.

The MHP VPLUG can be connected with one or multiple canvas stretching machines such as the MHP SpeedF or MHP STMaster to form a production line.

Icon VPLUG function v-nails | Icon VLPUG Funktionsweise mit V-Nägeln

Frame Connection

v-nail technology

Icon frames | Icon Bilderrahmen Geschwindigkeit Frame Maschinen.


Up to 21 frames per minute!

Icon frame sizes | Icon Rahmenformate

Frame sizes

Frame sizes continuously adjustable
from 8 x 8” (20 cm) to 55 x 55” (140 cm)

MHP VPLUG sorting bars at the machine | MHP VPLUG sortieren der Leisten auf der Maschine


  • New record: up to 21 frames per minute!
  • Frame sizes from 8 x 8” (20 cm) to 55 x 55” (140 cm)
  • Format changeovers under a minute
  • Simple operation
  • Processes wood and MDF
  • Perfect frame quality
  • 23/7 production
  • With MHP Service
Mass production frames | Massenproduktion Rahmen

Record speed

Up to 1,100 frames per hour!

Ready framed made by MHP VPLUG | Fertige Rahmen, produziert mit MHP VPLUG

Perfect frame quality

Request a frame sample! Convince yourself of our extra-tight corner joints and superior frame stability!

Stacked Bars in the Underpinner MHP VPLUG. | | Aufgebarte Leisten in der Rahmenfügemaschine MHP VPLUG.

Generation 3

  • Adjustable v-nail and profile configurations
  • Faster format changes in seconds
  • Enhanced production statistics