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Ideal entry level automation

The canvas stretching machine MHP SB StretchBasic is the efficient and easy solution for your entry into automated canvas stretching. This is a cost-effective, plug-and-play machine that processes the most common formats.

The semi-automatic MHP SB works in a two-stage process, stretching two opposite sides at a time on the backside of the frame. Fast processing of several frames simultaneously in the second-stage for greater yields!

The MHP SB offers you high flexibility for shorter runs with frequent format changes. Consistent quality and drum-tight stretch – step into automation with an MHP SB!

We recommend the MHP PLUG to complement your production line for artist canvas products. For digital printers, the MHP VPLUG is the ideal extension to assemble v-nailed frames.

MHP StretchBasic machine start buttons | MHP StretchBasic Maschine Startknöpfe
Icon MHP StretchBasic stretching machine staple pattern and corner fold | Icon MHP MHP StretchBasic Klammermuster und Falzungen


Artist fold staple pattern

Icon speed frame production | Icon Geschwindigkeit Rahmenproduktion


Up to 130 frames per hour

Icon frame sizes | Icon Rahmenformate

Frame sizes

Single frame continuously adjustable in seconds
from 8 x 8” (20 cm) to 24 x 24” (60 cm)

automated canvas stretching frames ready


  • Up to 130 frames per hour
  • Frame sizes from 8 x 8” (20 cm) to 24 x 24” (60 cm)
  • Format changeovers in seconds
  • Simple, semi-automatic operation
  • Stretches multiple frames in second-stage cycle
  • Solid performance staple guns
  • Drum-tight stretch
  • Perfect artist quality
  • 23/7 production
  • Plug-and-Play, no assembly required
  • With MHP Service