MHP PLUG bars for stretcher frame production | MHP PLUG Leisten zur Keilrahmenherstellung
MHP Canvas production


The inventors of automated
canvas stretching and frame assembly!
Made in Berlin!

MHP brings over 30 years’ stretching experience to technologies that simply work for producers. MHP’s focus is the ease and flexibility of production, maximum operations efficiency, and highest-quality product. Our technology truly stretches canvas for perfect, drum-tight quality.

It all starts in the 1980s through close connections and intensive cooperation between Kay Montag and the established artists’ scene in West-Berlin. He caters to its steady demand for quality art supplies, manages production and sourcing, and in 1990 establishes the company Montag, Hampl & Partner in the heart of Berlin.

Since then, MHP has produced art supplies and services related to art, handicrafts, and hobbies in this creative city. A major focus has always been the production of stretched canvases. MHP offers a full range of canvas from museum-quality individual units to digital art POD (print-on-demand) as well as serial prints to industrial-scale production.

This is where MHP Technology is born. Driven by increasing demand with an optimal cost structure, Kay Montag and his team develop automated solutions for assembling and stretching canvas frames.

In 2008, the first ever fully automated and integrated production machine solution, the MHP SP Speedmaster is inaugurated. At a yield of 250 units hourly, it revolutionizes the industry.

With it, MHP invents the automated frame assembler, the MHP PLUG, for the fastest automation of tongue-and-groove frames known to man – 40 units per minute.

As applications broaden and more production flexibility is sought, including just-in-time production in digital printing, MHP introduces the MHP ST Stretchmaster in 2010, the first semi-automatic solution. The MHP ST brings huge flexibility and efficiency to shorter runs, while still delivering consistent product quality.

In 2013, the equipment series is expanded with the invention of the frame assembly machine for v-nailed product, the MHP VPLUG.

And in 2014, the MHP SF SpeedF is ready, the all-rounder bringing flexibility and efficiency to volume operations. The MHP SF has become the flagship of MHP Technology. The MHP SF together with the MHP VPLUG are found in modern production companies on multiple continents, building the most flexible and efficient production technology in the stretched canvas industry.

In 2021, MHP presents the newest generation fully automated canvas stretching. The MHP ULTRA produces up to 400 units per hour! No operator needed during autonomous operation with an automated feeder and loading module – the newest high-tech innovation!

Technology – Made in Germany.

For more than 30 years, customers have relied on MHP for consulting, engineering, and training in the context of production automation for stretched canvas. Expertise, know-how, and development.

A one-stop-shop of constant innovation that is developed, tested, and proven real-time in the sister firm, MHP – Das Keilrahmen Werk®, the full-service art supplies manufacturer also located in the heart of Berlin.