Highlights Printing United 2023 Atlanta with Canvas Stretching Machines by MHP Technology

Many thanks to the Printing United Alliance for another great event! The Printing United community met this year in Atlanta (Georgia, USA) from October 18-20, 2023 for its annual expo. This show is undoubtedly one of the largest and comprehensive printing events in the world. It brings the entire printing industry together in one location to showcase equipment, solutions, and the latest trends on over one million square feet!

As the leading manufacturer of canvas stretching and frame assembly machines, MHP Technology joined the show in Atlanta to speak with visitors from the Americas and all over the world about new product ideas for canvas wall décor as well as MHP’s automation possibilities.

MHP Technology presenting products made with MHP Canvas Stretching Machines at Printing United 2023

Products from our canvas stretching machine SpeedF live

Large format canvases produced on an MHP SF canvas stretching machine were on display at the MHP booth. Our flagship MHP SF is the allrounder canvas stretching machine for efficient production of small and large formats. At the booth, our team Georgette Sawan and Emil Montag shared new insights and features of our extensive portfolio of canvas stretching and frame assembly machines.

A special premiere to the US show was MHP’s newest innovation “EasyFrame”. The EasyFrame joins 4 stretcher bars together to a perfect frame with accurate, right angles. This new frame assembly machine is ideal for small and medium sized runs as well as one-off production of tongue-and-groove stretcher frames.

Interactive audience favorites

Visitors could take a deep dive into MHP’s automation solutions with the Virtual Reality – VR Production Experience. This immersive experience allowed guests to experience MHP productions workflows first-hand.

A crowd highlight was the MHP Canvas Drumkit. We put our technology to the extreme test and built a drumkit to demonstrate that our machines truly stretch canvases drum-tight! Curious and enthusiastic visitors rock-and-rolled our booth!

We would like to thank Printing United and all our guests and partners for an inspiring week in Atlanta! MHP Technology is your one-stop-shop for canvas stretching and frame assembly automation – contact us today for a live demo and to discuss your production needs!

Always a welcome guest: Deborah Corn, Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at Print Media Center