MHP highlights automated canvas production at Dscoop 2022 #EdgeRockies

March 6 – 9, 2022, Denver USA

Drum-tight canvas stretching test
Large Formats Canvas Production
Virtual Canvas Production Experience

MHP Technology, the leading manufacturer of canvas stretching and frame assembly machines from Berlin, has been invited to participate at HP’s Dscoop #EdgeRockies convention in Denver USA, March 6 – 9, 2022.

MHP will feature its Virtual Reality – VR Production Experience for a deep dive into MHP’s frame assembly and canvas stretching machines. The captured processes highlight workflow optimization while embracing new products and manufacturing challenges. The VR experience transports the viewer directly into the production for a real-time, authentic experience.

MHP will also feature its Canvas Drumkit! MHP’s canvas stretching technology is known for its drum-tight stretch and perfect artist quality. To test and prove this point, MHP has constructed a drumkit made of stretched canvas. This extreme test is a fun and interactive demonstration of the canvas tension producers can expect with MHP stretching machines.

Dscoop visitors are welcome to try out both the VR Production Experience and play drums on the Canvas Drumkit. The MHP team looks forward to meeting with visitors and discuss new product ideas for canvas as well as automation opportunities ahead.

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MHP at the dscoop edgerockies exhibition 2022
MHP PLUG bars for stretcher frame production | MHP PLUG Leisten zur Keilrahmenherstellung
MHP Canvas production

About MHP – Made in Berlin, Germany

MH+P Technology GmbH is the inventor of automated canvas stretching and frame assembly machines, made in Berlin. MHP stands for reliability, world-class name-brand components, and fast and understandable service. MHP machines feature easy and high-speed operation as well as formats and materials flexibility. MHP is unmatched worldwide in both frame assembly and large format canvas processing. Engineered by producers for producers: MHP’s sister company, MH&P – Das Keilrahmen Werk ®, is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of artist canvas. Therefore, MHP knows first-hand what it takes to be an efficient, flexible, and high-volume operation of high quality stretched canvas products.

Over the past year, MHP has introduced new generations of its machine series ST Stretchmaster, SF Speedframer, VPLUG, and PLUG. Processing performance was again optimized, and numerous new features were added, such as VPN remote servicing and “Multi-length”, a production mode which is particularly efficient in processing canvas panel sets.

MHP is unmatched worldwide in both frame assembly and large format canvas processing. The PLUG machine assembles an unbeatable 40 frames per minute. The SF canvas stretching machine is designed for both high-volume production and large formats, even mastering frames as large as 63×63” in under two minutes.

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