MHP PLUG: New Generation 2!

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Exciting news

from the inventors of automated canvas stretching and frame assembly!

Just a few months ago, MHP Technology presented its new MHP VPLUG for v-nailed frame assembly, commonly found in digital print canvas products.

MHP Technology now unveils its MHP PLUG Generation 2 frame assembly machine for tongue-and-groove stretcher bars, the traditional frame for artist canvas.

The MHP PLUG is a fun and amazingly fast machine. It is the perfect solution for anyone assembling tongue-and-groove frames by hand. No more manual labor, no more exhausted employees, no more crooked frames. The MHP PLUG makes frame assembly and your life easy.

Welcome Generation 2 – learn more about the MHP PLUG here.

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MHP PLUG finished stretcher frames on conveyor belt | MHP PLUG fertige Keilrahmen auf Förderband
Stretcher frame with perfect right angle | Keilrahmen mit perfektem rechten Winkel

This machine assembles over 40 frames per minute at top speed, producing high quality frames with perfect right-angles and precise corners.

Mass production stretcher frame | Massenproduktion Keilrahmen

Generation 2 features record processing speed, faster format changes, better ergonomic convenience, and new magazine technology for working with different stretcher bar profiles.

Touchscreen for frame assembly machine MHP VPLUG

The new display includes several additions you have been asking for like calling up production statistics, setting production targets, and more. “Hammer Mode” is an additional option for producers with extra heavy-duty stretcher bars.