Remote Service and Virtual Diagnostics: Service with a Smile. And Cable!

LAN for using MHP Remote Service

MHP’s new generations MHP SF and MHP ST stretching machines now provide you an extra level of safe and cost-effective service – via cable!

The Remote Service and Virtual Diagnostics Package is an extra option for full virtual support via Virtual Private Network – VPN. If you ever need us, MHP is literally with you! The MHP Support Team can log on to your machine and perform a virtual diagnostic in the back-end to provide you enhanced technical support, such as:

  • pinpointing a defective sensor
  • manually triggering functions for remote troubleshooting
  • reading out the error history for any possible operator mistakes, and more

Remote service and technical support can be so easy, just plug in the secure Ethernet cable.

Talk to us to learn more about our Remote Service and Virtual Diagnostics Package so that you are on top of your machines all-year round.